Friday, July 17, 2009

La Marzocco Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil

Is this the kind of product you expect from one of the worlds leading espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco? Perhaps not? Well ... believe it or not La Marzocco have bottled a limited amount of olive oil to give away as a gifts, and one of those bottles made it into my kitchen. This bottle was a gift that I picked up in Atlanta at the SCAA conference in spring this year ...

So what’s the story behind this olive oil? I have been told that this specific oil comes from an olive grove close to the La Marzocco factory in Florence, Tuscany. Unfortunately I don't really know any more specific details about the olives but I do know that it tastes absolutely delicious. I am not an olive oil specialist by all means, but here are my little tasting notes ...

Visually the oil is quiet murky and dark in colour as it’s not filtered. This olive oil is extremely aromatic with hints of fresh grass and floral senses. The taste strongly reflects in its smell with distinct fruity and herbal like notes. Slight tints of green and zestiness add to the overall balance.

Unlike some other olive oils that I’ve tried this one is very smooth and doesnt have that powerful back-burn in the throat that you sometimes get with older oils. My guess is that this oil is pressed from young olives. This olive oil serves a great purpose in my kitchen, mostly as salad dressing.

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