Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kenya AA Gethumbwini

Kenya AA Gethumbwini - roasted 20.08.07

Although this blog was dedicated to my espresso runs ... I have decided to spice it up with some extra posts to keep you guys in the loop of my interesting doings :) From now on I will throw in few random coffee thoughts as well ... enjoy

soo ... my coffee of the week will have to go to Gethumbwini.

First time I had it fresh 2 days from its roast, it carries a lot of heavy blackcurrant smell and thats very much reflected in the cup, very sharp and distinct from all the other flavours. As it cooled down it picked up amazing berry-like acidity and carries through nicely, with a sweet, slightly smoky finish.

10 days past ...

The blackcurrant smell is even stronger and is just captivating! On the palate the blackcurrant really really stands out however mellows out into pleasant lingering citric aftertaste. The mouthfeel is just amazing, very creamy and rich, mmmm... the smokiness was gone and the finish was much cleaner.

This is really something special, absolutely adore this


James Hoffmann said...

It really is a very special lot. The fact that it smells exactly like blackcurrants, freshly picked, and anyone would get it is amazing.

I've found it can turn quite tropical fruit as it cools - all mangoes and papaya.


Matt said...

wow....wish I could have some...oh wait..James...bring some to TORONTO!!! Btw..Kiril...are you finally straying from espresso???