Friday, August 31, 2007

Srockholm Coffee Academy

Visited: 30/08/07

I got a chance to visit Stockholm's coffee academy, it is a very special place. If you like LaMarzocco you are in heaven. THE Marzocco technician Magnus occupies this space with fantastic toys. The space is just spectacular, lots of room to throw massive parties, and from what I hear they often do! There is a big kitchen and even a shower! Costas Pliatsikas actually lived and trained at the academy prior to the 2007 WBC.

On the left hand side there is a fully automatic Diedrich roaster, David got it started and we roasted some coffee, here is a short video (30MB) of coffee coming out just before the 2nd crack. It was fun to see a fully automatic roaster in action. All the graphs and curves are updated on the large colour screen so you visually pick and choose the profile you are trying to achieve. The graphs are awesome as you get a pretty accurate reading of when the coffee bottoms out. We also roasted coffee on a fully automatic mode, all you do is pick what coffee you are roasting from a preset list hit roast and walk away :) It all worked out, nice way to take skills required out of the equation. These are my first steps into roasting and must admit, I am getting hooked on it!!!

Magnus services and distributes machines so he has few new machines there as well, he has a spanking new 4 group FB80 in white. Very special indeed, would love to have one of them in my kitchen! The other two group FB80 is for "personal use" along side mazzer robur indeed a nice combo. I believe Costas was practicing on that machine, its tuned really well .8 restrictors - the whole deal! Pulled few nice shots out of it, very cool!

There is a display wall full of interesting things. Books, tampers and various tools. Le Nez Du Cafe kit has caught my nose, I am very much into smelling, perhaps i will suggest one of these kits to mum for Christmas.

This coffee academy is very private, you need to be invited to go there. There is no education taking place in it for the public so I am not sure why they call it an academy. Its more like a really spacious service centre with cool toys and gadgets.

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