Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The titanium GS3

This machine was displayed over at the La Marzocco stand as part of their 80th anniversary. It was bought by Magnus in Sweden and then sold to someone else in Sweden. I spoke to Lars from expressivo, he told me who the lucky owner was but I did not remember the name.

As you can see on the picture the whole machine is see-through with 2 titanium boilers. Apart from its cool looks the machine is noticeably lighter and in a way more portable, too bad it didn’t fit into my bag haha. They didn’t let anyone use it for obvious reasons. It really added on to the LM stand and was centre of attention.

[edit]: The lucky owner is Jens Brine from impod


Anonymous said...

I asked this somewhere else too, but was wondering if the brew boiler was also Titanium, since their normal parts in the brew group would all have to be machined out of it

Kiril said...

the both boilers are titanium (i know that for a fact) .. perhaps of a different grade.