Monday, October 1, 2007

Aging coldbrew – day 6 & 7 + summary

On day 6 my coldbrew has started to take a turn in a slightly negative direction. The taste has picked up some bitterness and stale deoxidised taste, I have added some sugar syrup that I have prepared, it added sweetness and got rid of the bitterness. This way I was enjoying the coffee much more. The sugar brings out the sweetness a whole lot but doesn’t enhance nor change any of the other flavours.

Day 7 was exactly the same as day 6, the coffee is starting to get a stale bitterness that I wasn’t much fond of! I think this experiment is well over and I can do my conclusion now. I have actually added a drop of nice whisky to my glass, it made a really nice mix, smooth sweet, superb! I encourage you to try that also.


Process - A very fun, easy process please read my step by step guide.

Day 1 – After 10 hours of brewing this coffee was ready to drink. Sweet chocolate notes, no acidity or bitterness. Enhanced sweetness with added sugar syrup.

Day 2 – 1st day of aging, coldbrew has started to take a turn and develop character. A sharp edge almost resemblant to cheap scotch or whisky. Really nothing special, not a very enjoyable overpowering taste.

Day 3 – This was a highlight for me, on this day the sudden magic cicked in. The sharp edge on day 2 was completely gone and the coffee has stared to smooth out and balance out the sharp unpleasant edge, still containing the chocolaty sweetness.

Day 4 and 5 - A solid drinkable cup, excellent all round, both days were almost the same, coffee nice, smooth and rich in flavour.

Day 6 and day 7 – The decay has started, the water has become stale and deoxidised, nothing special, perhaps in a form of a base for a drink. Perhaps adding it to quality whisky. As I have done that the flavours work rather well together not overpowering one another with a smooth alcoholic balance.

The highlight for me was day 3 where the coffee has taken a noticeable turn. The best day to drink it was day 4 and day 5. The best part about this coldbrew were the stages and waking up to it every morning. I hope that you get mazing results like me, goodluck. If you got any questions let me know.


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Ben Chen said...

Good job =)

Now try different coffee with different kind of sweetener. Dark roast naturals actually work quite fantastically.