Friday, September 5, 2008

Reg Barber Ripple Tamper Evaluation

Just last week I have received a new tamper from Reg Barber and was very anxious to put it to the test. As you might know, I have given Reg’s tampers a thorough evaluation on bases and diameters. This interesting tamper has a ripple cut in the stainless steel, a very appealing to the eye, but is it practical well here are my thoughts …

There are 2 different types of ripple tampers, c-ripple and flat ripple. I am playing around with the flat ripple base. For me, the biggest interest in this design was to see if the ripples create any form of channelling, resulting in inconsistent or uneven extractions. As the ripples are perfectly spaced apart the surface after tamping is very much cohesive and even, so as the puck expands onto the showerscreen evenly. Unlike the curved tampers the expansion is almost resemblant to that of a flat base. As I explained in my previous evaluations, curved tampers play a big advantage in my style of tamping and I much rather prefer them.

The pros of this surface is definitely its look, after tamping the puck looks fantastic with awesome wavy patterns, however apart from its look it acts no different to a flat tamper. I would imagine that the c-ripple would be similar to c-flat tamper.

I have found that the more you use the tamper the likelier the chance of coffee getting stuck in the ripples, so I end up wiping the tamper almost every time on my apron to avoid the clogging. It has happened on few occasions especially in the middle of the base.

This tamper is perfect for those who prefer flat tampers; it has a very good appeal about it and is a very attractive tool to have. I would love to thank Reg for kindly donating this tamper for evaluation.


Anonymous said...

But what was the results? Any noticeable difference to the old tamper bases? Less channeling? Or is this tamper all about appearances?

Kiril said...

as i said the results were resemblant to the flat tamper at different dose levels, but it wins awards in every appearance aspect for me.

Anonymous said...

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Justin said...

This tamper seems very nice. However, as you said, curved tampers give a better result according to your style. Its like Generic Viagra that you know it give you always good results.

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