Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beans Leaves and Love ... and lots more

Just this past weekend J&N had a mini festival at their roastery. Lots of their customers distributers and friends were invited to spend time and meet new people. A very kind gesture! That same weekend I was working for J&N at the tradeshow, looking after a coffee machine and making a thousand lattes, so missed out on all the activities that the guys put together, but still got to go to the party on Friday night.

Congratulations to David Haugaard for winning the first ever AeroPress competition, his claims his success was hidden in the amazing water imported from Wales. David made me a cup of his amazing misty valley coffee that I felt in love with there and then, just superb!

I would love to congratulate everyone at J&N for putting on a great show. For me it was a great time to see all the people that I’ve met at exhibitions and trade shows. I was very surprised and delighted to see Conal from espresso warehouse, everyone had a great time drinking together and shaking it on the dancefloor.

Thank you J&N ...

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Anonymous said...

It might have slipped you, but Tim Wendelboe had an Aeropress Championship earlier this year at his shop ;)