Monday, August 18, 2008

2009 WBC Rules and Regulations

WBC committee has published Rules and Regulations for 2009, I will read the rules in details tomorrow to find out what the changes are. Please feel free to share your opinions on the new changes ...

[edit: 20/08/08]
Few noticeable changes are:

The sugar is no longer needs to be served at the judges table

2.2.1 - H "Espressos must be served to the judges with a spoon, napkin and water."

There is no specific time in which the shots "should" be extracted
2.2.1 - E "
Extraction time is recommended to be between 20 to 30 seconds; however not mandatory."

Judges MUST stir the espresso before drinking, unless stated by barista not to.
17.2.3 - "Using a spoon, the sensory judge will give the espresso shot THREE stirs"
"Competitors may override the evaluation criteria by giving the judges specific instructions ..."

Score sheets are now added up in one lump sum, rather than average scores

There have been rumours that only WBC sponsor grinders will be allowed, those speculations are false. Barista will be able to bring their own grinder with any modifications.

Extraction of both partafilters at the same time is still allowed, so as Stephen did last year you can grind the first one and sit it aside for as long as you want.

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