Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Complete Summary of Changes to WBC Rules & Regulations for 2009

The changes to the WBC Rules & Regulations, WBC Score Sheets, and WBC scoring system were proposed by, discussed among, and agreed upon by members of all of the WBC committees as well as the WBC Board of Directors. The changes have incorporated feedback from competitors and judges around the world. The changes can be characterized as providing competition baristas with more options and creating less stringent guidelines for WBC requirements in performances, with a greater emphasis on coffee presentation and coffee quality, while continuing to advance the craft of baristas and specialty coffee.

“The Grinder rule”

No change has been made to the grinder rule. Competitors retain the option to use the provided WBC sponsor grinder or bring their own grinder.

Previous Version (2007/2008)

New Version (2009)


Shot times within 20-30 seconds range

Shot times within 3-second variance.

Competitor earns point if extraction times are within 3.0 seconds of each other.

(Shot times of 20-30 seconds is still recommended.)

Tech judges visually evaluated espresso for cappuccino and signature beverage.

Tech judges do not visually evaluate shots. Item removed from score sheets.

Understands Grinder

Score 0-6 points

Station Management

Score 0-6 points

Tech judges award points based on competitorʼs workflow during performance including management of station, equipment (grinder, espresso machtools and movement around station.


Sugar required as an accessory.

Sugar no longer part of service.

All 4 beverages served simultaneously.

Simultaneous service of beverages no longer required. Competitor may serve beverages to judges when ready. Judges will evaluate beverages when served.

(All four beverages within drink category must be served before moving on to next category.)


Total score calculated by averaging tech scores and adding tech score to each sensory score sheet.

Total points possible: 1012.

Tech points: 356 points (35%)

Sensory points: 656 points (65%)

Scores from each of the six judges are simply added together. Sensory scores weigh more heavily towards total score.

Total points possible: 870.

Tech points: 154 points (18%)

Sensory points: 716 points (82%)

In the event of a tie score, competitor with the most number of 6ʼs on score sheets (sensory and tech) wins tie. If no 6ʼs, then 5ʼs, etc.

In the event of a tie score, competitor with the highest total sensory score for espresso evaluation wins tie. If still tied, moves to cappuccino score, then signature beverage.

Additional Changes

  • Sensory judges will follow a new protocol for evaluating espresso and cappuccino. (These procedures are detailed in the Judgeʼs section of the WBC Rules & Regulations document).
  • Additional language has been added to the Judgeʼs section about “Presentation: Professionalism/Dedication/Passion,” encouraging competitors to create a more engaging presentation with a focus on coffee information.
  • Competitors may not use the space below the workstation for storage of wares used during the competition.
  • No liquids, of any kind (water, ingredients, etc.) may be placed on top of the espresso machine.

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