Monday, September 24, 2007

evasolo cold brew

It feels like I’ve bragged about my evasolo an awful lot throughout my posts, but to be perfectly honest … ITS AMAZING! Anyways why not play around with some cold brews …. I have a lightly roasted bag of Ethiopian Yigacheffe at my disposal this week, so I will play around with different extractions and give you my thoughts.

This doesn’t get any simpler; instead of pouring the water over the top of ground coffee you simply load the grounds into the filter and dip it into warm water (30C - 35C). I have chosen to grind the coffee a little finer than for the plunger, as evasolo filter has a very fine mesh. As soon as you dip the coffee into the water, enjoy the fine moments of first steps of extraction with smaller grounds passing through the filter and floating slowly to the bottom. It is really amazing to watch that colour change. Don’t forget to wrap the opening with some gladwrap and wack it into the fridge.

The important thing here is not to stir the coffee that is in the filter, you want to let that coffee peacefully soak and extract over a roughly 10 hour period of time in your fridge. I have put 3 tablespoons of coffee for my brew, not sure how it will turn out, but we will see tomorrow.


Jaime van Schyndel said...

quantify warm plz

Kiril said...

30 to 35 C, it is essential to get the initial brewing going. As soon as the grounds are soaked, you can move your evasolo into the fridge.

Jaime van Schyndel said...

When we cold brew, we start with room temp water and then to the fridge. The cold brewing works wonders for tea also but over a longer brew period.

Have you tried aging the iced coffee in the fridge over several days to see how the character changes.

Kiril said...

that is exactly what i am doing now ... i have more than half left and its aging in the fridge as we speak :) we will check the results tomorrow

Jaime van Schyndel said...

I won't spoil it for you but something really interesting will happen. I will recommend you try it with other coffees and see how they change also as we found good prep naturals like an Idido or Shilcho worked well with this aging but were not as pleasant without aging.