Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aging the coldbrew day 3

I had to rush over from the kitchen to write about this … its is just fascinating!!!

OK, The flavour changed, THERE IS NO MORE SHARP EDGE, my coldbrew has started to smooth out.

It smells like cognac but not as sharp as it doesn’t have the alcohol in it. The smooth lingering taste just goes on and on and on … its is really fantastic, I really encourage you to try this.

Seems to me that during aging it picked up this sharp edge note and started to smooth out to something very special, something I’ve never experienced. Still has a distinct chocolate note, still no acidity but that twist of smooth character is just fantastic.

And you know what the best part about this is??? … there is more in the fridge!


Ben Chen said...

Wait till day 6 ;-) And try adding a little bit of sugar water (just a hint... cane sugar will work great).

Kiril said...

hi ben, cheers for the tips haha i am expecting magic mate ... if i dont get a bunny out of the hat i will be thoroughly disapointed, so i should age sugar water separately?? or do you want me to mix the sugar into my brew?

Ben Chen said...

No promise for magic because every coffee behave differently. Some become more interesting while others don't. But try to refrain your self from drinking it all and take some each day to watch it develop. It's quite fun as you already discovered ;-)

Add the sugar water as you are ready to drink. Only a little though because too much will destroy the taste. I find sugar brings out some interesting character from these kind of brews.,