Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Aging the coldbrew

Recap of yesterdays tasting: Very sweet and smooth with distinct chocolate notes. No acidity or bitter, unpleasant notes. I saw this brew as a base for a further beverage, perhaps something with hard liquor or even a sweetened milk base drink.

Day 2 – brewed coffee has had a day to age in the fridge, from what I’ve heard in the past the coldbrew coffee actually starts to develop some character after few days of aging. So I was very anxious to see the results.

Visually the coffee hasn’t changed at all, perhaps a little darker, but to an untrained eye it looks the same. The aroma has also remained the same however the taste here is my ultimate test. I really didn’t expect the result I got, the yigacheffe has treated me to something special indeed. Overnight it developed that sharp edge that it didn’t have before, it tasted as though its been aging for a little while. I can’t help but to compare it to whisky. As you know there is a vast difference between young and aged, the young whisky is a little rough but with age smoothens out and develops a tangy rich smooth feel. This coffee is exactly that but opposite. This edge doesn’t necessarily make it better, but for my taste it adds on that character that it was missing initially. I wonder how many more days I can age it until it becomes unpleasant to drink, I will keep it for few more days.

The taste profile was resemblant to yesterday, distinct chocolate sweetness, however that edge is a real eye opener. As the coffee is high in caffeine few sips really hit you like a ton of bricks. I think this will be perfect with a shot of high grade scotch or whisky served on rocks before a big night, I shall try that some time soon … too bad its only Wednesday.

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