Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Evasolo coldbrew – The verdict

Here is a little "extraction" video addition (20MB) to my previous post ...

My coffee has been slowly brewing for 10 hours in the fridge it is time to take it out and try it. Visually the brew looks ready. The cold brew developed a moist cork-like crust on the top, by pulling out the filter you break the crust allowing the air break through. A very interesting cloud develops and slowly sets to the bottom of the jar. Be sure to rinse out the moist silt before putting the filter back into place.

The coffee tasted sweet without any bitter notes. A very interesting, yet very satisfying result! I saw this cold brew as a really good base for further drink creations. I mean the possibilities are endless, you can mix this with alcohol or milk based drinks, it will taste amazing. It is a little overwhelming drinking it cold, not that I didn’t like it but I guess I am not use to drinking coffee in a cold form. The yigacheffe has a very distinct acidic note, however the cold brew didn’t show any acidity at all, only the pleasant sweetness and interesting chocolate notes. I have added some sugar to it and it actually made it taste even better, so like I said this form of espresso is a possible base for a sweet cold drink.

It is a really interesting way of extraction and evasolo performed efficiently and really well. Yet another reason to love this simple creation.

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Jaime van Schyndel said...

The cold brewing highlights the aroma and mellows the acidic tones as well as the bitter roast notes. One thing about full immersion cold brew is the caffeine. The buzz is intense.

Funny you should say it was overwhelming. The cold brew we prep is much like a shot of bourbon. The good beans come out really smooth but we were roasting for Syphon at that time. What dose/roast style/grind/grade was the Yirg?

Kiril said...

i think i mentioned in my previous post the answers to your questions ... but to recap:
dose: 3 tablespoons
grind: slightly finer than for french press (see the picture)
roast style: light city
grade: washed grade 2