Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reg Barber Tamper Bases (Metal Evaluation - First look)

For a long time now I’ve been willing to get a new C-Flat tamper base, the question for me was which metal?

Reg Barber offers a few different metals: Brass, Copper, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. This debate got really confusing, as there was absolutely no information available about different metals on any of the coffee forums.

So here I am with all the different metals at my disposal, I will give you my first thoughts and further evaluate each one of the metals for durability and inspect the factory finish and the surface of the metal after general use. It will be interesting to see how different metals will tarnish.

Inspecting the mass:

Brass and the copper are the heavyset metals, their mass is roughly the same with brass being a slightly heavier metal. Stainless steel is slightly lighter, but aluminium is considerably lighter than all the other metals.

I will use my scales later on and put in exact mass for each of the bases, but for now here is the order:

Brass (58.1mm)
Copper (58.2mm)
Stainless Steel (58.0mm)
Aluminium (57.8mm)

Visually all of the bases are impressive and here are few examples what they look like in the whole assembly with jarrah wooden and black aluminium anodised handle.

I really like the look of "black and gold" and also "black and silver" These are indeed beautiful no matter what base or handle.

Durability wests to come ... but for now continue to TARNISH LOOKS


Dan Stenqvist said...

Hello buddy,

Really nice hard core-posts you are posting! I love it. Actually I´m going up to Gothenburg on Saturday 22th september. It´s for free that day..; But if a could choose going to Milano instead...hmmm...not so hard to choose...Milano!!!

Ben C. said...

Have we had this conversation (about metal hardness) on CG?!

Anyway, I will be curious to see how the brass stacked up to stainless as far as durability goes... not too confident about other two =p

Kiril said...

Hi Ben,
yes indeed we had this conversation. I've been using the bases for past 3 days, few more and i will have some results :)

Consuela said...

Interesting to know.