Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pitaito – Hulia, Columbia 2nd prize cup of excellence 2006

This flavoursome bag of coffee was roasted in Barcelona by Salvador Sans at El Magnifico. I was there when Salvador roasted this batch, it was taken right up to 2nd crack and cooled and packed quickly. It was roasted slowly with a lot of airflow. The coffee went through a very quick drying process, and developed a very interesting profile. I really wish that I could uncode what region

Straight out of the bag this coffee was very aromatic! As soon as I opened it, this amazingly strong butterscotch, caramel aroma captured my nose. I have possibly never had such an aromatic coffee in my life.

The smell in the cup very much reflected the smell out of the bag. You could pick out a sudden hint of coco and milk chocolate mixed with rich melted buttery aroma.

It tasted very mellow and was not very offensive with any overpowering flavours and very well balanced. A distinct milk chocolate sweetness was the main foundation. Its rich and smooth mouth feel carried all the way through, without any acidity at all.

This coffee is a pristine example of a very good cup of rich, smooth and sweet coffee. Like I said it’s not very offensive and well balanced, a perfect addition as a foundation to any espresso blend.

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