Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Panama Coffee (multiple single estate) Blend

The coffee I am drinking today comes from multiple single estates in Panama from last years harvest. This is a very special batch! As many of you would know Panama coffees always rate very high and rightfully so this coffee is amazing.

14 days from its roast - I decide to pop open my small stash of lightly roasted coffee from Panama, and put it through my evasolo.

Straight out of the bag - roasted beans smell, milk chocolate and mixed floral bouquet. Time to put it through my evasolo. I really love my new toy, for those of you who don’t know what it is … well its like a fancy version of a plunger “French Press” but it has a cone metal filter that stops coffee grounds to pass through. The reason I love it is because it looks great and it JUST WORKS!! Simple to use :) Its amazing to watch your fresh coffee bloom!

OK coffee is ready to drink … after 4 minutes of brewing the crust is thick and as soon as you break it a rush of fruity and citric aroma with a slight hint of berry hit your nose. In the cup it smelt pretty much the same with a hint of tea notes, possibly jasmine. The enzymatic profile was amazing, on the tongue the coffee was very lively, but particularly hitting the back palate with light floral, almost orange peal acidity. As it cooled down the balance of amazing sweetness and acidity stood out even more, no wonder this coffee is in high demand among specialty. The finish was clean and crisp very subtle almost tea like with lingering, gentle acidic sweetness.

This coffee is reason to wake up earlier every morning!

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