Monday, September 24, 2007

A switch for the better ...

When I use to work at CIBO in Adelaide we had a saying … “Are you a “switch flicker” or are you a “button pusher”?” Let me explain …

We use to have a Marzocco Linea and as you know on the standard machine you have a “on/off Switch” and also a button on the preset pad which essentially does the same thing. About 50% of baristi use to use that button … well I’ve always been a “switch flicker” at heart … so I raise the question to you; Are you a “switch flicker” or a “button pusher”?.

La Marzocco always had issues with their buttons, some say that the switch on a Linea is too small, so they put on AFTERMARKET buttons on it that are much bigger, I’ve seen that done at Ritual Coffee in San Francisco, I don’t think that those switches are all that much better I guess it takes getting use to them.

Ever since one button FB80 came out there has been a huge debate. I personally don’t much like that design and have experienced few difficulties with this button, especially in a rush the machine sometimes wont start as the button needs a decent press-in. I know that this has been an issue at 2006 WBC and La Marzocco are well aware of this problem, so I would like to see them go back to the “manual style” switch on the FB80 … I mean there are no guesses whether its on or off … its simple and is very practical and visual!

So here it is .. the new all improved La Marzocco Linea with a new switch design. Taking the new look to the most versatile, practical machine on the market today. Looks great … but does it do the job. I had a play around with this new switch and must say it is simply FUNCTIONAL! Just like the old switch, very visual and easy to use. You can clearly see when your extraction is on and there is even a little light to remind you. This 2007 Linea still retains its original design and look fantastic!

I must credit La Marzocco for their new style switch, its easy to use and takes no time at all getting use to, I would love to see the new button/switch designs that they will produce in the future, perhaps they will treat us to something special at the Milan coffee exhibition … the wait begins :) !!!

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Anonymous said...

i must say tho that the only reason they started using that big black switch (the same as a manual switch on a Mazzer grinder) is that the company that used to make the LM switches that they used on the semi auto machines went out of business! justin